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MiLi Shower screen instructions

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Upscale shower screen

Thank you for using our smart bathroom shower screen products. This product will be happy to help your health service to make
your life more comfortable, more perfect, more stylish

Before installation, please read the installation

instructions carefully.
This manual applies to the installation and use of all shower screen products
Inventory accessories

When you turn on the product packaging, please press the inventory table accessories, such as tainted missing, contact your

dealer immediately. Standard Parts List:

Installation Method

Install the height according to the family budget a good shower

screen shower height, measure the distance of the shower on the back of the card, and

marked on the wall, mark the corresponding position in fixed hanging iron (up and down each piece), a wall of hot and cold water hole spacing is 15 cm;

 Connect the hot and cold water, remove the parts of the joint, 7, down installation; be sure to clean up before (installing residual impurities and dirt in

the pipe wall, in order to avoid blockage of water effects;

shower screen shower wall, down two cards were aligned with the wall hanging pieces of iron, the installation is complete. (Note: After a rain shower

screen wall, the body close to the wall is not shaking, no additional tools such as glass glue fixed.

Use a rain shower screen side up and down the body contains two rotary switches (diverter knob, hot and cold
water switch), four cleaning Law

Top spray: the watershed above the rotary knob labeled instructions, open the hot and cold water switch, top spray water

Spray the back: the diverter knob is rotated to the left labeled

instructions, open the hot and cold water switch, back spray water;
thank you


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